Demystifying Centring

Centring is the process of focusing on the energy that is at the center of your being. Traditionally centring and grounding are used together to prepare for spells, rituals and other variations of magical work. When you are centring yourself, you are finding a place that is within you and it’s from this place you will be able to focus the energy you wish to ground .

[I have found through personal experience that if you ground before centring you have nowhere to focus it you end up with the energy roaming around your body with nowhere for it to “leave” for the Earth from.] Centring is a process that strives to bring all the stray energy from your body into a single place within you. The stray energy will be drawn to a place of your own personal power. Once the energy has been collected at your centre you will start to feel the concentrated energy and it’s at this point you can focus the energy through your body and into the Earth What is Centring?

In all the books that I have read centring has always described in vague and watery terms. When you are a solitary and have no one to ask it can be extremely frustrating. How can you learn to do something when no one will explain it clearly or use mystifying language to romanticize it? Buckland says this about centring: “The process of focusing on your spiritual centre, allowing mundane issues to fall away leaving calm and serenity”

RavenWolf says this about centring: “To find your ultimate peaceful calm at the centre of your being…the still point – the absolute moment of calm when you feel you are one with the universe.”

These are two of the most famous and world renowned pagan authors and neither of them actually explain what your centre is, or how you are able to find that place. Their words are pretty but when you are look to them for practical help they aren’t too helpful. One of the things I strive to do with this article is to de-mystify the process of centring and to explain it clearly. How to Begin… To begin, you need to ask yourself some simple questions, but you need to answer them honestly because you won’t much; if any success otherwise.

  1. Where do you instinctively feel your energy come from?


Where do you feel your emotions first come from? 3. Where do you feel your “gut instinct” come from? When you are relaxed and let your mind roam over the different areas of your body, where doesn’t it feel like a storehouse of energy is sitting there? Many people find their centre is placed on or around one of the seven major energy centres in the body– the Chakras. Through these energy centres the physical and spiritual bodies overlap and interact. For quite a lot of people their Solar Plexus Chakra and that localised area is where their centre resides. For other’s their Brow Chakra is the location of their Centre.

My personal centre is just below my heart chakra, low on my breast bone. This is where I send healing and energy, and when I work with crystals . It is also where I “pick up” energy when I am working with other witches. Use the questions above to help you find your own centre. Also don’t be afraid if it takes a few tries to get it right. Don’t be in a hurry, take your time. It can take a while to be able to pinpoint that centre of your being.

It took me over five years to finally say for certain that my centre on low on my breast bone *)O(* Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings *)O(*