Burning Frankincense is Antidepressant

Yes, it is! Burning Frankincense is now proven to be psychoactive. Well I bet you are thinking, “I’ve already know it as I’ve tried it from Magical Recipes Online”! Yes, not only us, but many Witches and Mages proposed burning Frankincense to uplift your energy. “Burn Frankincense along with Myrrh and Rosemary to Uplift your energy” we’ve written in 2012 in our Magical article on Rosemary – check it out here. Magical Recipes Online is once again proven right! It’s 2017 and now you’ll see it everywhere. Why?

Because, only 6 months after we published our herbal magic article, a very serious medical study was published on December 2012 which actually proves that Frankincense smell is indeed Anti-depressant? Why? It’s not yet been clarified. This is because burning our beloved resin, the fragrant frankincense, seems to activates some -poorly understood- ion channels in the brain to alleviate anxiety or depression. In few words, this study suggests that this fragrant resin modulates the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and influences hippocampal gene expression (hippocampus is a very active part of the brain). This leads to beneficial behavioural effects. Thus supporting its potential as a novel treatment of depressive-like disorders.

This suggests that an entirely new class of depression and anxiety drugs might be hidden under our noses despite what Alchemists and Mages knew thousands of years ago! Frankincense Herbal Magic’s Antidepressant: Soon we are going to see a complete article on Frankincense’s herbal magic. Until then, we should note why we already knew that the Boswellia Sacra’s resin (the plant from which it is extracted) is an effective anti-depressant. Frankincense in ancient Egypt and China Boswellia Sacra’s resin was precious like gold in Ancient Egypt. It was sacred to Ra, the God of Sun and source of all Life. Sun is already known to be antidepressant.

Thus, everything related to the Sun is also believed to banish depression according to traditional Alchemy and Witchcraft. Ovid was the Latin poet who described all about the Phoenix. He is the Sacred bird of the Sun – soul of Ra – who – not surprisingly – feeds from this resin. We read from Ovid’s Metamorphosis ” He does not live either on grain or herbs, but only on small drops of frankincense and juices of amomum.” Remember that the Phoenix, is one who is reborn from his ashes. Symbolically, the Phoenix can help us overcome all our difficulties.

According to the Chinese Medicine, Frankincense activates and regulates Chi , the energy that runs in us (while Myrrh regulated the Blood). Consult with a doctor of Chinese medicine to explain you more. He will diagnose if your Chi needs some boosting. Remember! There can also be other problems too! In conclusion! Yes, this wonderful resin acts like an antidepressant. Before you try it though, make sure you are not allergic to it. Moreover, depression can be really sneaky so please also consult with your Medical Doctor and/or psychologist. Moreover try the Aromatherapy Formula against depression . The Witch’s Way against depression.

Who knows, maybe another scientific study proves us right again in few months!