Yin Yang QUIZ: What Are you ?

This Yin Yang quiz will help you determine if the yin and yang forces are balanced or they one is dominant over the other. Yin is the passive (feminine) energy, the darkness from where all begun. Yang is the active (masculine) energy, the spark of creation. This test is very important in Chinese medicine. It helps the practitioner decide the patient’s treatment. Consult with your Chinese medical doctor or acupuncturist for more information. Try this Yin Yang Quiz and lets see how it goes… Moreover, at the end of the Yin Yang Quiz you will find information and advice. What to do or what to change in order to achieve greater long lasting balance between these two forces.

The information given here is just an example. The real cause of the Yin Yang Quiz is to see how you can benefit from the balance of these two predominant forces. To achieve greater balance you can see here to balance your Chi – the energy that runs in us – through this simple breathing exercise. [viralQuiz id=2]