How to See Visions in your Magic Mirror

How to use your Magic Mirror to see visions of the past the present and the future. Real Magical Visions? How can I see them? We’ve seen here ( How to Make and Use a Magic Mirror ) how to easily make a Magic Mirror. So, you have bought one ready made or made your own, but how can you use it for divination?

As said, a Magic Mirror can do many things. Amongst those is the ability to provide visions answering your questions about the past, the present and the future. If you have experience in visionary methods of divination, the use of the Magic Mirror to accomplish this task may be easy and natural. In this case try using your usual method. Mind though that being able to easily use other element’s visionary divination doesn’t necessarily mean you can just as easily use the Earth Element’s Magic Mirror. So, if you are used in using a Water Element’s, for example, method of divination, don’t get discouraged if the Mirror doesn’t work for you at once.

For those who haven’t practised any other visionary divination method, or in case your usual way doesn’t work with the Mirror, here we are going to see how to make the Mirror work for us in order to provide us with visions answering our questions.

The Method: Getting Started In a dim lighted room – preferably having only a candle for light – sit comfortably having your Mirror in front of you. Don’t sit on the floor. Unless you are very used to it, it will give you more obstacles than help. But sit in a chair and have both feet stepping on the floor.

Focus your eyes in the centre of the Mirror and start breathing deeply and relaxingly for a while. When you feel your mind focused and your body relaxed, keep focusing your eyes on the centre of the Mirror but try to keep your eyes steadily open. To the best of your ability, don’t blink.

Also, don’t ask a question. This is not yet the time to do so. Just focus your eyes there. The Mirror will seem to expand and fill your eye sight. This is a good thing. When this happens keep your self calm and relaxed. Don’t get exited. If your heart beat rises, then stop, thank the Mirror, cover it, and repeat the procedure the next day.

The divination After that step, you’ll see a cloud-like thing forming in the Mirror. Some see it white, some see it grey, some see it black, yet distinguished from the Mirror. Whatever way you may see it, it’s good. Avoid pre-choosing the colour. Just let it happen and accept it as it comes. Once again keep calm, and if your heart beat grows faster, end the procedure and repeat the next day.

When this cloud appears, either wait for it to give its place to a vision of the Mirror’s choice (aka don’t ask a question yet) or ask a simple question for which you know the answer, such as “What did I eat for lunch?” Then let the vision appear revealing the answer.

After this first vision appears, you can ask any question you want. The Mirror will reply forming a new vision. In some cases a cloud will appear to cover the existing vision and then scatter giving its place to the new vision, while in other cases the vision will change without the cloud’s interference. Whatever the case, all is good.

How much should you practise? Whenever – before or after the first vision – you lose focus, feel tired or your heart beat rises, stop the procedure, thank the Mirror, cover it and repeat the procedure the next day.

With daily practice you’ll be able to stay focused more easily, and the steps will need less and less time to be completed. What you need is a little patience and daily practising.

A word of caution: Always clean the room you are going to do a divination before and after the procedure. Also, never ask questions for others without their permission.

Tip: Using a divination incense to energise your ability, the Mirror and the room’s vibrations is very good practice. don’t let the smoke of the incense come between you and the Mirror though. Best way to use the incense is to smoke yourself, the Mirror and the room after the cleansing. then, wait for the incense to burn out completely while relaxing yourself and then start the actual procedure. That’s it. Have fun and best of success!

P.S Don’t try to murder Snow White even if she is the fairest of them all.