A Perfume to Attract Sexual Fun

A perfume to make you attractive Summer has come (for the Northern Hemisphere) and many want to have some fun while on vacations. Here I’m going to give a simple spell to help you do exactly that by means of a perfume. You don’t need to be on vacation to use this spell, of course, but you need to go out and be around people for this spell to work. But let’s see the spell first, and then I’ll explain how to use it in order to give you the most desirable results.

What you need for the spell: You need only a perfume of any kind. Buy a new perfume you think it’s exciting and alluring, or buy a new bottle of your usual one, if you think this works the best for you. You can also use magic oils or perfumes that intend to attract attention or love. Whatever you use, it must have a strong radiating smell, and, preferably, its smell should last long. If not, always have the bottle with you to re-apply it.

Is sandalwood amongst the ingredients? That’s even better. If not, try adding a few drops of the essential oil or some ground sandalwood. Even sandalwood’s essential oil alone (diluted, of course) will work fine. If for any reason you don’t want to add any sandalwood to your perfume, at least smoke it with some.

Casting the spell: Now, have the perfume in front of you and sit comfortably looking straight to it. If you want you can use some sandalwood incense. This will empower the spell even more, and also help you smoke the perfume if you haven’t used sandalwood in it.

Using your imagination, but with open eyes, see the “spirit” of the perfume. In other words, see the personification of the perfume’s energy. Then say to it 9 times:

“Make me desirable like a diamond. Make me shine. Make my speech sweet like nectar. Make me attractive.”

Then be silent for a few moments, looking at the “spirit” and letting understand your words. Then repeat the same 9 times. Once again give time to the “spirit” to understand your words.

Repeat this until you feel the “spirit” has understood you and agreed. That’s it. Whenever you are using the perfume, after applying it, say:

“Thank you for making me desirable like a diamond. Thank you for making me shine. Thank you for making my speech sweet like nectar. Thank you for making me attractive.”

How to use the perfume: Apply the perfume the way you normally do, but also apply some behind your ears, at the neck line and in the inner part of your elbows. Then get out and have some fun!

It is said that you’ll be alluring to whomever smells the perfume. That means you have to be amongst people for the spell to work. And also, that’s why you need a long lasting radiating smell for better results.

So, you are at a bar and you see somebody you like. Go near them. Let them smell the perfume to increase your chances.

Are you shy and don’t dare to make the first move? Why not use an encouraging magical oil – like Crucible of Courage – for a perfume? If so, have some on a piece of cotton with you, so you can smell it before going after the person of your interest.

You want when you’ll be “in bed” with the person you’ll find to give extra care to a specific part of your body? Make sure you’ll apply some of the perfume there.

You want to be alluring to only a specific kind of people? Have a picture of a somebody symbolising these qualities where the perfume “rests” in your home. Don’t use this perfume or any love spell to compel a certain somebody for black magic always harms the user.

An important reminder: This is not a spell to move the wheel of fortune in order to bring you the perfect person. It is one to help you enjoy the opportunities at hand. But, you can cast a spell to find the love of your dreams and then using this perfume start going out. This way you are helping Universe to bring you the right person and you’ll have some fun in the meantime.

That’s it. Be alluring and have fun!