How to become a famous poet / author / writer

Are you a poet or an author? Do you want to become the best you can be in this subject and also famous? Why not try this simple spell to help your efforts? The basic spell: Starting on the 8th day of the Moon and for three days recite the following mantra 4000 times daily (a total of 12000). Thereafter, keep reciting it 108 times a day or at least every 8th day of the Moon’s circle. The mantra is: Om Hreem Saraswathai Nama

How to empower the spell: You want to empower more the ritual? Use a white mala (rosary) to count the repetitions. Also offer white flowers to the Goddess. A crystal mala will also be proper, if you can find or make one. Choose white or clear crystals. Furthermore? Light a white candle while reciting the mantra. Put a clear or white crystal at the base of the candle. Wear the crystal as a talisman. If you can, offer hill glory bower (Clerodendrum infortunatum) both as incense and as offering to the Goddess. If this is not possible, the mint family will work fine.

Basil has similar qualities to hill glory bower, and it is sacred in India, so I would advise on its use if the real Saraswati plant (as Ayurveda calls clerodendrum infortunatum) is not attainable. Informatively, hill glory bower was thought to belong to the Verbanaceae (the verbena family), but this has been proved to be wrong. Instead it belongs to the Lamiaceae (mint family). Goddess Saraswati is goddess of wisdom and all arts and one of the great Mothers. She is wife to God Brahma. The mantra is a simple name mantra of Goddess Saraswati, Therefore, you may find it to bring much more blessings in your life than just the ones intentioned.

So, have fun, be inspired, and get famous!