Astrological Predictions for 2017 – TAURUS

The planetary scenery of the new year is continuing what has already 2016 put in motion. In small and stable steps you are evolving in many ways. Overall, 2017 is a good year which will help you put your life back into your hands and prepare you for the powerful influence which is coming in 2018. What you should do is try to build your life in strong and stable foundations. You should be extra careful during Eclipses though as they may give you more energy than you can handle (February 11-12 and August 20-21).

While Jupiter, the King of Gods will come right across you sign in October giving you luck and growth in your relationships and co-operations, you will also taste how Uranus – the planet of changes – feels like in Spring as he will shortly visit your sign. It’s very important to stand your ground on the one hand yet also let him take you where you’ve always wanted to be. Career and Money: This is a year where money will start (again) flowing in a smooth way although you should expect some turbulence during the eclipses. Moreover from October good luck will be by your side if you like to expand your business through co-operations.

Love and Romance: Although 2017 starts in a nice way it ends greatly. The first months you can prepare yourselves for powerful feelings which will enter your life right after Autumn Equinox.