Glamour Magic : 9 Tips to reduce your weight.

This is not a health care site, so I am not going to give you any advice on diet and exercise. What I am going to give you is spiritual tips to help you reduce your weight. You can use these tips and tricks along with your diet and workout schedule, or even without them. 9 Tips to reduce your weight: Don’t lose it – Reduce it. Use the power of the waning Moon. Use the power of the red light. Throw away garbage. Forgive everyone. Smile more, laugh more. Use the power of dance. Visualise you are running. Masturbate more. And now, let’s see them with more details: Don’t lose it. Reduce it.

Firstly and most importantly, never try to lose weight. Your mind always tries to find back whatever it has lost. If you lose it, you most probably are going to find it back. And because your mind will feel insecure about the possibility to lose it again, it will try to find more weight just in case it loses it again. So change the way you phrase it and think about it. Reduce your weight, become free from any excessive weight, but never lose weight. It is also better to avoid cutting down your body fat or weight. Use the power of the waning Moon. The waning Moon helps us become free of something, or reduce something.

So start any effort to reduce your weight during a waning Moon. Also, cast any spells for weight reduction during the period of a waning Moon. Use the power of the red light. You need two or better three red light bulbs. Don’t use the red laser. Also, don’t paint normal light bulbs red. They won’t produce red light. So, lie down, preferably naked, and have one red light over your solar plexus and one lighting the soles of your feet (or better one for each foot). Relax like this for fifteen minutes a day. If you visualise yourself with the body you want to have during this time, even better.

If you have too much weight, after the fifteen minutes, lie on your stomach and position the lamps so that one is over the solar plexus height and the other is over your pelvis. Relax like this for another fifteen minutes. Throw away the garbage. It is as it sounds. Throw away from your home and place of work the garbage. This includes the everyday garbage, but also things that we have and are useless to us. You can give them to people that may need them if you prefer. It is going to work as well, and you will have done something good. Forgive everyone.

As it is good to throw away our garbage, so it is to release ourselves from our inner garbage. Sorrow, hatred, guilt and all negative emotions are our inner garbage; our inner weight. Throw them away by forgiving yourself and everybody else. Smile more, laugh more. Smiling actually burns more calories than frowning, but this is not the most important benefit of this. When we smile more and laugh more our metabolism works better. Even if you don’t feel like smiling and laughing, cause it by choice. If you do it regularly your mind will start creating the thoughts and events needed to make you smile and laugh.

Not only you will reduce your weight, but your life will become happier as well. Use the power of dance. This is not an exercise, and you should not see it as one. Don’t think if you know how to dance or if you are any good. Dance is a form of liberated expression. Dance as you feel like. Don’t think, just feel. Do it in your home when you are alone. It will work better than going to nightclubs and much better than going to a dancing school. Do you feel like doing it naked? Even better. If for any health issue you cannot actually dance, visualise yourself dancing. It will do the trick.

Visualise you are running. Running helps us reduce weight, but in many cases of excessive body weight it can be even more harmful – consult your medical doctor on this issue before exercising. So, just visualise you are running. Do this once to thrice a day for six to fifteen minutes a time. Make your visualisation as vivid as you can. If you actually do run, then do the visualisation just prior going for running, or just after. It will work better. Even with just the visualisation your metabolism will work better, and so will your heart. Masturbate more. Yes, this is also what it sounds. Masturbate more often and give more time to yourself while doing so.

Orgasm and ejaculation may occur, but this is not what you are after. Just enjoy your body and your sexuality. Don’t concentrate only to your genitals. Touch, caress and play with your whole body anyway you may enjoy. There are no right ways or wrong ways. Whatever pleases you is right. Just don’t stress yourself. The important thing is to enjoy it. If you have some kind of impotency, there is no need to demand from yourself to achieve any erection. Just enjoy your body and your touch. Give some extra care to the nipples. You’ll achieve your goal. Even more, you may find that your sexual system starts working better after a month of everyday playing.

If you have other health issues that don’t allow you to masturbate, caress your body, touch it, kiss it, play with it. Give extra care to the nipples. You’ll achieve your goal. So, this is it. Have fun and be beautiful, joyful and free!