12 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

After popular request we have decided to dedicate an article on spiritual awakening and on general signs that may help you become more aware of your situation. But first things first, let’s try and define what is a spiritual awakening (if we can?). What is a spiritual awakening? A spiritual awakening occurs or better say begins when an individual has become aware of its soul, its abilities and its true purpose. It is the very moment we understand that this body is a vessel on our Earth experience and our Soul the truest and deepest part of our being is eternal, omnipotent and a true image of God/Goddess/Universe.

When it happens, a spiritual awakening is definitely a very life changing experience for a person especially if that person was not spiritual to begin with or has never asked similar questions before. It is not infrequent that a spiritual awakening is described as a birth, a new life or a whole new page of an individual’s life and this can be a very powerful force of change. A spiritual awakening is also a very personal experience that may occur in so many diverse ways as many as the stars in the sky. An awakening can challenge the previous belief system of the individual, their perception about the world and themselves and their feelings about themselves and others.

It is a whole process where a person tries to make sense of the world and their part with a new set of eyes and an increased awareness. The more the person tries to lean on previous life patterns and habits the more they will struggle as they will not make much sense and may appear empty, instead it is the right time to look in their Souls about what they truly want to do and become the person they want to become. Finally, talking about spiritual awakenings to others may not bring the results we wanted i.e. others may find it strange, diminish it or won’t show the same interest.

This can happen for various reasons and I only summarise the most important: a) they have not had a similar experience, b) a spiritual awakening is an experience and words cannot transfer the feelings/thoughts etc associated with it and c)the experience is so deeply personal that cannot make sense to any one else apart from the person who had it. 12 Symptoms of spiritual awakening Given that we have provided the background above, let’s have a look at 12 symptoms of spiritual awakening and their impact in our lives: Our previous lives do not make sense.

The habits that we used to have now appear strange and we are not sure why we have put them in our lives in the first place, i.e. our relationship with others, our relationship with food, smoking, worrying, stressing about debt etc. This occurs because the experience lifts our frequency and previous issues or situations do not seem to be as powerful or necessary as they were before. I have heard people saying that their previous life was so mechanic that they spent most of their time worrying and acting mindlessly instead of doing the things they enjoy the most. A spiritual awakening opens us up to new ways of thinking/feeling/living.

As the awakening unfolds, any problems we were facing start to find solutions. Something shifted inside us and let us see through a different prism the various situations and relationships of our lives. What was considered unconventional makes perfect sense, what was habitual becomes mundane and no longer needed. We experience a period of high awareness of ourselves and the world we live in, it is only natural that we always had the answers within but never looked for them under those conditions. We come to the conclusion that everything is possible. We experience a sudden increase in our energy levels. After a spiritual awakening, people start to feel more alive.

They feel that their energy levels are getting higher and they feel capable to accomplish more of the stuff they want. We reinvent the relationship with ourselves. When a spiritual awakening occurs, we look deeply in our souls and we are capable of experiencing an increased love for who we are. All the judgemental, harsh inner voices seem to calm down and we are given the opportunity to nurture ourselves at a profound emotional level. Being alone or in silence is not scary anymore. A spiritual awakening brings a lot of information to our consciousness. It is only normal that time is required to process this information and digest it.

It may also happen that the person may seek solitude to reflect and reorganise themselves or simply for the pure joy of it. Conversations with others change their themes or become shallow. “We considered gossiping fun, we used to talk about fashion and boys with my best friends and this was the world to us. After I had this experience I found all these conversations a bit swallow, we kept having them but was not exactly what I was looking for. I craved for something that made sense to me, real sense.” I think the words of our reader say it all. We feel Connected with Everything and the Universe.

A heightened state of awareness from a spiritual awakening helps us realise and really feel what means to be part of the World we are living in where everything has a part to play, where everything is sacred and honoured for simply being who/what they are. We feel that everything is One. A spiritual awakening may bring us higher senses. It is not uncommon to experience that the Universe is talking to us, that a colour is so amazing that talks to our soul, that a sound is calming us down. We experience the world with a completely new mindset. Even the simplest of things will bring us joy. Let’s learn from that. Loss of fear of death.

Going into a spiritual awakening helps us realise the immortality of Spirit. That Death is just another Mystery that we have to go through as Birth. We die in the Spiritual Plane to give birth to ourselves on Earth and we die on Earth to give birth to ourselves on the Spiritual Plane. The Earth Experience is part of our evolution. The true nature of our spiritual awakening is to understand that we are an ever-evolving, powerful soul capable of everything. Our life on Earth is what it is to help us evolve in a more robust way all these qualities that we carry within us as seeds from the ground.

We receive all the necessary experiences to help us grow, it is our feelings, thoughts, decisions and actions that shape our lives the way we want to. There is an inner need for truth and authenticity. How can we not go that direction? A spiritual awakening challenges the status quo. What we believed was right and real suddenly becomes questionable. The ego is shaken down and we experience that any pretension is unnecessary. We value others for who they are, we value ourselves for who we truly are. What can be more genuine than that? We live our lives with compassion and we seek to give unconditional love.

A spiritual awakening helps us bring the ego down while realise that giving is receiving. Compassion is the highest gift we can give to ourselves and others and that unconditional love is the way forward as any conditions only nurture the ego temporarily and are false. Join Qooest.com and discuss your Awakening with other people! Qooest is Free. The first Magical Community + Social Network + Dating Service