Solar Eclipse: September 1st 2016 – Day of Power

This Solar Eclipse follows the rare almost Lunar Eclipse of August creating a very powerful and dangerous energy matrix, one that is so powerful waking up all nature. The energy wakes up the Powers of the Planet to resist and cleanse all Evil. This eclipse happens in the Purifier Alchemist of the Zodiac, Virgo. It’s time for cleansing. Nature will fight back giving us many signs (unfortunately this may also mean unexpected and deadly catastrophes like earthquakes and tsunamis). An eclipse in Virgo means change in the way we live, the way we breathe, the way we react. It can also mean outstanding progress in Medicine especially when it some to chronic diseases and exhausting syndromes.

Virgo is Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. A pure hearted beautiful maid who can bring both Spring and Autumn. This New Moon – Solar eclipse however seems to be defined by more benevolent and lucky aspects. This is a good time to schedule and programme your big change, anything you wanted for so long now can come true! Astrology & Magic: The Solar Eclipse is what Witches and Mages wait to start casting powerful life-changing spells. Read all about the Powers of Solar Eclipse in our Detailed article. Click here to read all about the Magic of the Eclipses. You can Also cast a powerful Spell to find a new, more interesting and prosperous profession.

New Moon – New Job spell! let”s take a look at each sign”s future…

Aries: Although it doesn”t seem like this Solar Eclipse to affect you considering your passionate soul i would suggest to take a better look at your health and your everyday routine. This could be a great and very lucky chance to change the way you look and re-shape your body. It is also a very good opportunity for your annual check-up as Retrograde Mercury will shed light to possible malfunctions.

Taurus: This could actually be a very good opportunity for you guys to start over and bless your romantic life – which lately seems to be falling apart. It looks like this New Moon – Solar Eclipse brings on the surface what needs to be solved accompanied with a touch of pure Good Luck so that everything can turn out in favour of you. No hesitation. Stand up and aim for success!

Gemini: This is a chance to realise that trying to hide possible problems in your life wont solve a thing. You are just postponing the inevitable. Moreover, when it comes to your family and your home these problems can cause great amounts of discomfort, turning your shelter into a nightmare. Relax and start unfolding…

Cancer: A benevolent Solar Eclipse will help you realise that there are people around you who can and want to help your move forward. You are not alone. Your feelings of loneliness are nothing more than illusions caused by your long-term disappointment (and possible depression). You need to recognise love around you and start radiating confidence!

Leo: Following an -almost- Lunar Eclipse in your sign, this Solar Eclipse will mess with your financial status and possessions. All this pressure caused by previous planetary aspects should not be directing to overspending and shopping like there”s no tomorrow. Try to ground your energy and realise that you are already more than great. You don”t need anything else, just love.

Virgo: Not only is your Governor (Mercury) retrograde and Saturn from Sagittarius pusses you to take more responsibilities in your home and family but also this New Moon – Solar Eclipse (and the following Lunar Eclipse ) will direct much planetary energy in your sign. This may cause feelings of uncertainty and troubles in your emotions and reactions. Meditate and try to direct all this powerful energy into something more constructive than frustration.

Libra: It seems like your emotions are on fire yet this turbulence is not easily observed by others than you and probably your closest friends and relatives. You need to let things go to make room for something new. I know that the past was hard on you but now there are so many good things coming which will restore your faith in Cosmos. Hold on ! After all, Venus, your Governor comes in your sign to give you all the love and affection you need.

Scorpio: This New Moon is a great chance to – impressively – expand your social circles and change forever the way you interact with others. This Solar Eclipse will make you even more enchanting giving you the chance to meet and attract interesting – yet slightly eccentric – people who will help you understand so much more about you and your life. Go out then and have fun!

Sagittarius: I will not lie to you, this Solar Eclipse is not a rose garden but it is a very good chance for you to bring out the best you have to impress your supervisors and evolve in your career and attract more opportunities for a better job. You need to understand that all this pressure is just a test. A test to see how much you can endure and how strong you really are. Go on then, show us what you got!

Capricorn: A very benevolent New Moon happens in your friendly Virgo pushing you forward towards evolution and improvement in so many ways. Everything that has to do with education and business with foreign countries are favoured especially if you are ready to spread your wings. You”ve been waiting for so long for this chance and the energy of an eclipse can give you this “push” you need. This feelings of frustration and loneliness should not hold you back.

Aquarius: Not that it”s the most fortunate time for you but the truth is that it”s not a bad time either. You see the energy this Solar Eclipse is radiating, affects your instincts and your will to live and experience more. You should start by restoring your self-confidence as it was severely damaged the past months. You know you possess so much power and this is the time to go out and enjoy new and different stimuli. Live anew!

Pisces: A very important time for you begins. You should know that this pressure – you already feel – will grow but i will tell you a secret. This pressure is in fact misdirected energy which can be manipulated into growth and improvement. Try to understand why is this all happening and why all your strong relationships look like they fall apart. Is it something you do? You can succeed so much more even from legal issues you might be facing. It”s not a bad time at all if you manage to see the opportunities!