The Complete List of Totem Animals and their meanings

Totem Animal is the spiritual archetype of the various animal species and play a major role as spiritual protectors and mediums between the Natural and Spirit kingdom and human kind. Find your Spirit Animal here! The Spirits of Animals (totem) have accompanied the very first men and women of our world and helped them connect with Nature and the Divine in order to live and maintain the Sacred Balance of our world, where everything lives in perfect harmony and symbiosis with all other species- even if this means the death of one to provide life to another.

Some believe that these spirits helped men and women to understand their capabilities of hunting, discovering, creating, swimming, building and evolving in general as spiritual and physical entities. After all it’s well documented that Great teachers, philosophers, alchemists, witches, shamans and scientists observed Nature in order to get inspired and create something that can facilitate their lives. Many People still believe and feel that every human has at least one Animal spirit, called the Totem Animal, which helps him/her connect with the Natural and Spirit World. Witches sometimes call it a Familiar, even if they may share some qualities it is not exactly the same.

This article is an aspirational goal to document in a simple and effective way the properties of an Animal Totem in order to facilitate our readers to determine their meaning and their importance in their spiritual practices. The meaning of an Animal Totem can be extended to interpret messages that are received from this Animal either via dreams, visions or simply by its own appearance in the person’s life. The Animal Totem can also be used as a symbol to acquire the properties that the Totem possesses. If you would like to learn more about how to identify and connect with your own personal Animal Totem you can read our article here.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and if you feel that you would like to include an animal that you are interested in feel free to send a message either on our Facebook page or leave a message below and we will put our best effort to update the list with the information that you have requested. In addition, if there is a separate article with more information for the Animal Totem you will find it in the list and you can read more about it.

The List of Animal Totems and their Meanings Ant Community, Working towards your Dreams, Patience, Strength, Cooperation Badger Defense of Beliefs, Focus on the task at hand, Self-reliance, Persistence, Strategy Bat Welcome Change, Diversity, Transformation, Conquer Fears, Intuition, See through Illusions

Bear Boundaries, Creativity, Motherhood, Healing, Lunar Mysteries, Power, Bravery

Beaver Sense of Purpose, Balance, Family, Be mindful of your Energy, Environmen

Bee Group/Project Work, Dedication, Success, Sweetness of Life, Protection, Nurturing, Alchem

Boar Strength, Wealth, Prosperity, Growth, Instil Action, Protection, Wildness,Vitality

Bull Strength, Fertility, Vigour, Material Pleasures, Determination, Persistence, Vitality

Butterfly Transformation, Light, Big Changes, Transition, Spirit Work, Expression, Creativity, Peace


Camel Trust yourself, Endurance, Focus on your Energy, Store for the Future, Patience, Durability, Vitalit

Cat Intuition, Magic, Inner Guidance, Lunar Mysteries, Independence, Self-relianc

Cheetah Grace, Speed, Flexibility, Openness, Stop thinking start acting, Freedom, Rest, Fire Magic

Condor Divine Connection, Raise to new Levels, Transcendence through challenges, New Views and ideas, Ends and New beginnings

Cow Nourishment, Healing, Fertility, Motherhood, Abundance

Crocodile Face your Fears, Magic, Adaptation, Efficiency, Solar Power, Dept

Crow Manifestation, Warning, Prophecy, Balance, Rectify Injustice, Wits


Deer Safety, Nourishment, Gentleness, Grace, Instincts, Adventurous, Speed

Dog Loyalty, Strong Faith, Friends, Gentleness, Creativity, Affection, Protection

Dolphin Communication, Playfulness, Positivity, Strategy, Music and Meditation

Dove Purity, Love, Peace, Visions, Spiritual and Physical Renewal, Hope, Self-Love

Dragonfly Clear Sight, Balance of Mind and Emotions, Natural Magic, Awakenings


Eagle Opportunities, Assertiveness, Positive Direction, Stamina, Resilience, Vision, Spiritual Awakening

Elephant Service, Charity, Strength, Personal Strength, Determination, Loyalty, Divine Connection


Falcon Clear Perspective, Attention to yourself and the environment, Awareness, Stick to your choices, Speed, Mental Clarity

Firefly Emancipation, Spiritual Gifts, Enlightenment, Guidance, Follow your path, Courage, Do not overdo it!

Fly Quirkiness, Speed, Humility, Support, Survival, Change of Course, Annoyance

Fox Fairy Magic, Intelligence, Expression, Trust your senses, Eloquence

Frog Cleansing, Emotions, Transformation, Expression, Leap of Faith, Connection


Giraffe Faith, Goals, Achievements, Close thinking before acting, Listen, Simplify

Gorilla Communication, Clarity, Knowledge, Mental Powers, Clairaudience, Boundaries


Hawk Higher Perspective, Alertness, Observation, Studies, Messages, Visions

Hedgehog Protection, Be careful and go slow, Creativity, Joys of Life, Opportunities

Heron Do things at your own pace, Details, Wisdom, Carefree, Responsibility

Hippopotamus Grounding, Imagination, Sensitivity, Follow your Dreams, Completion, Protection, Aggression

Horse Adventures, Travels, Freedom, Power, Patience, Compassion, Purpose

Hummingbird Flexibility, Magic, Fairies, Joys of Life, Messages, Expression, Love, Open your Heart, Gifts


Koala Gratitude, Prayer, Earth Magic, Healing, Shamanic Journeys, Meditation, Diet

Koi carp Creativity, Abundance, Longevity, Survival, Mother Earth, Water Magic, Persistence, Intuition


Lion Power, Pride, Courage, Solar Power, Decisions, Grace, Vitality


Mantis (Praying Mantis) Stillness, Patience, Mindfulness, Martial Arts, Calm, Intuition

Monkey Creativity, Unconventional, Social, Communication and Body Language, New Information, Mental Powers, Natural Magic, Interaction

Moth Messages, Inner Guidance, Trust, Attraction, Romance, Lunar Mysteries

Mouse Scrutiny, Examination, Judgement, Lack of Honesty, Rivalry, Blessings, Divine Intervention, Abundance, Gratitude


Ostrich Clearance, Restricted view, Psychic Attacks, Speed, Effectiveness, Satisfaction, Knowledge, New Skills, Grace, New Acquaintances

Otter Relaxation, Playfulness, Creativity, Priorities, Cooperation, Courage

Owl Wisdom, Lunar Mysteries, Keeper of Secrets, Panoramic View, Intuition, Protection, Prophecy, Deception


Parrot Communication, Imitation, Speech, Gossip, New Ideas, Colours, Old Dreams

Panther Strength, Astral Travel, Mysticism, Death and Rebirth, Aggressiveness

Peacock Grace, Beauty, Visions, Abundance, Wisdom, Protection, Dignity

Pelican Freedom, Nobility, Direction, Reflection, Cooperation, Competition, Guilt

Pheasant Spiritual Enlightenment, Protection, Vitality, Sexuality, Having a good time


Rabbit Creativity, Prosperity, Lunar Powers, Vigilance, Intensity, Growth

Raven Magic, Vision, Dreams, Clairvoyance, Manifestation, Confidence, Transformation

Rhinoceros Achievement, Power, Decisions, Confidence, Boundaries, Commitment

Robin Ends and New Beginnings, Transformation, Joy, Hope, Gratitude, Enlightenment, Patience, Modesty


Scarab Solar Power, Persistence, Regeneration, Abundance, Protection, Success

Scorpion Control, Secrets, Healing, Transformation, Regeneration, Focus, Passion, Sexual Gratification, Earth Power, Darkness

Seahorse Fatherhood, Tranquility, Emotional Stability, Grace, Transcendence

Shark Fear, Instincts, Ancestors, Mystery, Power, Emotional Control, Focus, Persistence

Snake Wisdom, Magic, Earth Power, Fertility, Transformation, Fear, Healing, Intuition

Sparrow Productivity, Joy, Simplicity, Open to Love, Awakenings, Friendliness

Spider Earth Power, Magic, Interconnection, Traps, Healing, Creativity, Arrogance, Female Mysteries, Fate

Squirrel Abundance, Prosperity, Fun, Honesty, Material Supplies, Resourcefulness

Starfish Regeneration, Opportunities, Connection with the Source, Mystery, Magic, Healing

Stork Messages, Expression, Fidelity, Motherhood, Fertility, Prosperity, Purity

Swan Beauty, Grace, Purity, Faith, Celestial Power, Transformation, Partnership, Natural Magic


Tiger Passion, Vitality, Alacrity, Vigour, Strength, Royalty, Protection, Boundaries

Turtle Patience, Review of the situation, Determination, Wisdom, Earth Magic, Memory, Ancestors, Fertility, Self-Reliance, Protection, Endurance


Wasp Creation, Evolution, Enthusiasm, Determination, Aggressiveness, Sacred Geometry

Whale Collective Unconscious, Imagination, Spiritual Expansion, Akashic Records, Emotional Rebirth

Wolf Bravery, Spiritual Guidance, Protection, Ancestry, Love and Partnership, Self-reliance

Always remember that your personal interpretation of the Animal Totem will be your first source of information. This list acts as additional guidance should you wish to see a different perspective or seeking guidance.

Finally, should you wish to know how you can perform Shamanic Journeying with your Animal Totem you can read our article here. Enjoy the Magic!

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