Using Rosewater to achieve any change

We have seen here ( how to make our own rosewater and here ( a simple wishing spell utilizing the power of rose water. What we are going to see in this article is another way to utilize the power of rosewater in creating a beneficial change in ourselves or our lives. If you want you may use readymade rosewater you can find almost anywhere. Make sure it is safe for drinking. If you are going to create your own rosewater, follow our recipe, where you can substitute distilled water with spring water, and preferably avoid the essential oil. If you want you can use some homemade rose tincture instead.

It goes without saying that avoid all these if you are allergic to Rose! Recipe to Create Rose Tincture

To create the tincture take 50ml (about 1,76fl.oz) of vodka or other clear drinkable alcohol and warm it. Be extremely careful while doing so, as alcohol is very flammable!

Wash the roses you are going to use with some clean cold water. Remove the petals and if possible crash them. Use fresh roses for better results. Three roses should be enough. Then put the crashed rose petals in a glass bottle, pour the warmed alcohol and close the bottle with the lid. Put the bottle in a dark, preferably warm place and keep it there for about 3 weeks. Without removing the lid keep shaking the bottle regularly.

After three weeks to a month, pour the alcohol in a dark glass bottle filtering it so that no rose petals get in. Seal the bottle and keep it in the refrigerator for future use.