Imbolc Candlemas Spells : How to improve your artistic skills

Candlemas, the Sun festival of the first flame is coming. If we compare Yule with the embryo, then Candlemas is the newborn child. It symbolises the beginning of the manifestation of the wishes we send to the Universe during the Winter Solstice. But also, one major quality of a baby is fantasy. Fantasy is the source of magical power, creativity and of course art. Historically, when human kind obtained fire started obtaining the ability to imagine, and then humans expressed their imagination in the form of drawing; the drawings we find in the caves humans lived in. So, even in this material plain, fire generated fantasy which generated art.

Here we are going to see a very simple spell to increase our artistic talents during the powerful days of Candlemas. First decide what talent you want to work with. Choose freely, but choose one. You can work with any other next year. Light your altar as you usually do, and offer the incense and other offerings as you usually do. Invoke the deities you believe in and trust. Apollo, the Muses and Brigid are some examples of corresponding deities, but feel free to choose whoever you like and trust the most. Now, light a candle to symbolise your skill. Use a candle that you can hold for you may need to hold it.

Now simply state: “I light this candle to bless and increase my talent in …” You actually don’t need to believe that you have a talent in the particular area. If you want to acquire such a talent you will. Now, focus on the flame of the candle and start expressing yourself and your wish through the art you want to become better. Don’t judge your expression. It is important to let yourself be expressed freely. If you want to become a better singer, sing. If you want to become a better poet, express yourself poetically. Use the art you want to become better in as a mean to express yourself.

If you can express yourself and your art better and more freely with some friends, do so, but if the presence of others will reduce the freedom of your expression, elect to perform this simple ritual by yourself.

If you need to keep moving while expressing yourself, hold the candle in your hands. Let its flame be always near you, and visible to you.

Then return to a sitting position before your altar. Replace the candle on your altar if you have moved it around with you.

Focus your eyes on the flame of the candle and with your eyes open, visualise “in” the flame yourself being very talented and skilful in the art you want.

That’s it. Let the candle burn completely and, as always, take every fire safety measures. Keep expressing yourself through your art as often as possible during the year. If you want you can find some ways to study more about it. In any way you work with it, it is certain you are going to have magnificent results. The only way for this ritual to fail providing its blessings is if you choose to abandon the game of sharpening your skills.

Yes, it is a game. Remember what we said in the beginning? The flame of Imbolc is a child. A child doesn’t try, doesn’t use effort. A child plays, and through the game it builds its abilities and talents. So keep this in mind and keep playing for the rest of the year.

Have fun!