Archangel Michael’s Blessings & Protection spell

Judika Illes the famous and popular writer and witch shares an exclusive spell invoking Archangel Michael to bless and protect us all. Click here to read her Exclusive interview on Magical Recipes Online. Follow the steps and invoke Archangel Michael to drive all evil away I always hesitate to share spells because spell-casting is such an individual art. The spells that work for one person may not be right for another. It’s very easy to become discouraged when someone assures you a spell will definitely work, because it has for them, but then it doesn’t for you.

It doesn’t mean that you have no talent for spell-casting or that spell-casting isn’t “real” or effective: it just means you have to continue your search for your own personal arsenal of spells. My book, Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, contains so many because of the incredible diversity of spell styles, ingredients, and goals. (The book is also known as The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells— the only differences between the two are cover art and that one word “Element” in the title.

“Element” refers to a publishing branch of HarperCollins; when another branch published an edition of the book, they omitted the word.) For example, the spells I love reflect my intensely watery natal chart: I love the moon, the sea, spells cast at the shore or in the bath. I do a lot of cleansings incorporating sea salts and essential oils. But the spell that is my stand-by, the one cast most often, is one for protection that was taught to me years ago by a good friend.Variations of it are in several of my books. The Archangel Michael’s Blessing and Protection Spell I was in a scary situation, an abusive relationship, and she was frightened for me.

A spell is a gift, intended to improve someone’s life. This one is an invocation of the archangel Michael that incorporates a verbal charm, accompanied by a visualization. The verbal component is the easy part. It can be said aloud or silently: Incantation: Michael to the right of me, Michael to the left of me, Michael before me, Michael behind me, Michael above me, Michael below me, Michael within me, Michael all around me Michael, with your flaming sword of cobalt blue, please protect me now (or today, tonight, whatever it is that you need)

The chant can end here or you can elaborate. If you have special needs or fears, tell Michael. You can also request protection for others. Be explicit. This can be adapted to your daily or even hourly needs. The more challenging aspect of this invocation is to envision yourself completely enveloped in a cobalt blue bubble. It’s initially easier to say than to do, although with experience it’s something you can do instantaneously. Make sure the bubble goes all around you—- under your feet and over your head. Envision yourself within it, safe from all harm, spiritual, emotional, or physical. This invocation is my constant companion.

It is also the spell or ritual, however you define it, that I am asked for most often. Virtually every week, someone on one of my Facebook pages sends me a message requesting that I repeat it for them.