Vanilla, the Witch’s Best Friend

By far the Queen of Magical smells, Vanilla is one of the most loved ingredients in the history of witchcraft- if not mankind in general. It’s smell is so distinct that it has equally created aficionados and devoted enemies. Vanilla, the Great Enchantress It surely consists one of the most standard aromas in scented candles and potpourris, high street body creams, lip butters and perfumes while it’s taste is almost the standard cookie and ice-cream flavour. If you think about it, modern western society is almost all about vanilla… and chocolate. However, it should never be taken for granted.

It is one of the most expensive spices and in older times only the rich could afford its magical aroma and flavour. However, the expansive and drawing power of vanilla does not take by surprise any witch that knows his/her craft. In old spellbooks, it is always one of the main ingredients in spells of love, sensuality, seduction, peace, dreams, luck and good business. In this article, I am going to give you some quick tips on how you can use vanilla in different magical ways in order to spice up your life 😉 Remember try to use natural vanilla oils, grains and powders. It will definitely make a difference I feel nice sugar and spice!!!!

Vanilla in feel good spells (happy homes, happy witches, love and sensuality)

  • Create a mixture with powdered vanilla and sugar and store it in a beautiful clear glass jar (seal it preferably with pink wax). Put it in your house near a window and it will attract happiness, peace and affection to the house.
  • Use the same mixture as a nice scrub for your body. After the bath, let it dry naturally, take a spoon of cinnamon and powder your body. It will fuel your positivity, happiness and self-love attracting the same qualities in others, ideal for a special date.
  • Do you want to make the spell even simpler just add natural vanilla extract in your bath, light some candles, put a sugar cube in your mouth and relax.

Do you feel like making a love powder, then hear this recipe!

  • Put the following ingredients together and let your love life shine like a diamond: Cloves, Rose petals, Vanilla, Sugar, Powdered orris root and ginger. Anoint red candles with cinnamon oil and roll them in the powder. When you feel that this extra love is needed light the candle and fly to the moon!

Are you the erotic dream type?

  • Sprinkle vanilla and jasmine on your bed and place cardamom seeds under the mattress. Prepare to get wet 😉
  • To attract a lover, take your favourite underwear and wear it on one of the first 3 days of menstruation. Take it as is, sprinkle some vanilla, add some cinnamon powder a drop of honey and some of your menstrual blood, fold it and put it in a red flannel bag. Seal the bag visualising the type of men you would like to attract. Carry it with you and men will come like bees to the honey.

Better business and luck?

Vanilla is on the task

  • Feel like attracting customers in your store for extra income? Then take a piece of fluffy cotton and soak it in vanilla essential oil, sprinkle some cinnamon and optionally 3 drops of wintergreen essential oil. Place the cotton where you keep money in the shop and let the games begin.

Maybe fast luck is required.

  • Then just place some cinnamon and vanilla in your hands and clap them firmly. Same thing can be added to your favourite beverage. Just add cinnamon and vanilla and swirl (makes nice combo for a cappuccino).

I hope that you have enjoyed these easy magical recipes with this exotic herb.

Remember always to enjoy responsibly 😉