How to Make Butterfly Ink – Magical Inks

You can find many Recipes all over the world for recipes that do exist and for recipes that some manufactured instantly! Remember that magic is the empowered and focused will of ours so every recipe that you believe it’s going to make miracles, it just will! However in Magical Recipes Online we also believe in the Wisdom of our ancestors, thus we always present to you the real deal! The names of the recipes are well known since ages in Books of Shadows, Grimoires and Sacred Texts, and the recipes are always accurate as we always search for the deepest and bear truth! The Butterfly ink is a magical ink whose main ingredient is Saffron.

Although we will give you a detailed Herb Analysis on Saffron we would like to give you some hints about this beautiful flower to know what you are doing. Saffron or Crocus is a herb so anciently sacred that you will find it in so many references, in so many civilizations and religions. Crocus was a friend or maybe a lover to God Hermes (latin Mercury). They were playing when Hermes accidently killed Crocus. The God was so devastated by the loss of his beloved Crocus, he created this wonderful flower and he dripped 3 blood-drops of Crocus coloring the center of the flower and the threads / strands. From this day Crocus-Saffron was the sacred herb of Hermes!

Saffron is not sacred only in ancient Greece but also to India! Saffron was sacred to the Gods and as you can find it in the ancient recipe for Amrita, the food of the Gods, the Hindu equivalent of Ambrosia! Saffron is a herb associated to Sun (primarily) and Mercury as planets and to Air (primarily) and Fire as elements. Thus Saffron is a Masculine and Projective herb. This you might have already known, but i’m pretty sure that you will be surprised when you’ll read in the following lines that not only Saffron is sacred in Islam, the Butterfly ink is widely used by Muslims to contact Allah (God)! They actually use it exactly as a magical Ink!

The Butterfly ink is recommended by the Prophet Muhammad and his successors!

So what is Butterfly ink?

Butterfly ink a really powerful tool every urban Witch, every rural Shaman, every secluded Alchemist, every natural born Mage should know and practice! If Rosewater is the Magical Ink for wishes and corrseponds to the Element of Water, if Dragon’s Blood ink is the Magical Ink used for most spells and corresponds to the Element of Fire, the Butterfly Ink is the Magical Ink for prayers, invocations and Talisman craftsmanship and corresponds to Element of the Air!

How can you make a real Butterfly ink? You will need the following ingredients:

* 1 part of Saffron threads/strands * 3 parts of Arabic Gum * 12 parts of clear alcohol


* Turn the arabic gum to dust. * Put the Saffron threads on a thermostable vessel. * Boil the alcohol and then pour it over the saffron! Look the golden-yellowish color of the threads filling the alcohol. Now chant:

Crocus of Hermes, Royal Herb of Magic, Enchant this ink with Might, Blessings and Light!

* Stir clockwise and add slowly the arabic gum and keep on stirring! * Once you are done put the mixture in the refrigerator for 3 hours! It’s ready to use!

Magical Recipes Online does not advise you to add essential oils in the ink besides saffron extract. Keep it simple! It doesn’t matter if the ink smells great or it can be used as a real ink! This ink is produced only for use on the wondrous paths of the Craft!

Use the Magical Butterfly Ink: * Spells of Summoning Spirits, Elves, Fairies and Elementals (especially of Air) * Invocations of Higher Forces, God(s) / Goddess(es), Angels! * To inscribe sigils and symbols on your Talismans and Charms! * In Love Spells * In Air Magic Spells