Magnetise what your Want through Visualization

A simple visualization technique to magnetise anything The technique I am going to describe, is taken from Richard Bach’s “Illusions” and changed a little according to my experience. It is, in fact, a very simple visualization technique, and you can do it any time you want, and as many times you feel right. Choose what you want to receive. Start with small things, that you consider, in your mind, as easy to receive, but, also, things that you’ll be glad receiving them. Choose just one thing for each exercise. The visualization technique Firstly, perform the balancing breathing exercise . Keep your eyes closed, and imagine this thing. Imagine it as clearly as possible.

Mentally describe it to yourself. It doesn’t matter if you really “see” it, or you just have the feeling that it is “there”. Now, imagine yourself next to the target, or holding the target, whatever is right in your case. Encircle the target and yourself in a fiery circle. The fiery circle will give the energy needed for the target to manifest itself to your life. Keep the visualization for as long as you feel comfortable and focused. If you are well experienced in meditation and/or self hypnosis you may be able to keep your focus for too long, so in that case, 10 to 15 minutes should be enough.

Then let your focus come back to your body and your posture. Don’t fade the picture. Let it be. Just stop focusing on it. Wake up as you would usually do, or just say to yourself that in a few minutes your eyes will open and you’ll be absolutely awake, and then follow your body’s messages as about when to open your eyes. Stand up, stretch. Wash your face and start doing something totally different. Your target is now coming to you. Congratulations! That’s it. As simple as that! Have fun.