Elemental Magic of Rose Water: The Magical Ink for Wishes!

There are many kinds of Wish Spells, different in many ways yet have the same purpose. To ignite our will power and grant our desire. Wish spells can utilize many different magical ingredients, can be performed while conjuring a spirit-form or a certain type of energy or be the subject of a meditation. Wish spells can be so simple like saying “I wish for Love” or even just thinking of it. Well, the Magic of Rose Water is actually perfect for all kinds of Wish Spells.

(You will find the Recipe here) Magic of Rose Water About all the previous forms of magic there will be detailed numerous articles of what is how can this spell (or form of magic) be cast! One thing we should specify before proceeding to our Spell is that, Wish Spells can be divided in two major categories. One, all those wish spells we cast to allure and attract something or someone to our lives, and those wish spells whose purpose is the exact opposite! This Spell utilize the Attraction power of the Rose, therefore it should not be done if our wish is for example to exorcise ghosts or get rid of Negative influences.

This Wish Spell’s purpose is to Create something, to bring that certain something to our lives! Using the Rose Water in Magic You will need: * a clean piece of rice-paper or regular piece of paper. * fresh Rose Water (you will find a Recipe if you are wondering how to make my own Rosewater here!) * a glass of fresh tap (or spring water) * a pen * 1-2 drops of May Dew Elixir (if it’s available, if not it’s still going to work!) Tip! Rice paper is considered more powerful in magic because Rice possesses the Ultimate Chi (Qi) potential. In China the Energy that surrounds everything in this World is called Chi (Qi).

It the Lifeforce, the energy that runs through humans, animals, forests, mountains, seas… Everything! The Chinese Ideogram (logogram) which means Chi is the Steaming Hot Rice! This parallel is obvious! In China Rice was considered full of Chi and this is why in Chinese food Rice is essential! Even the Western Medicine suggests Rice as an excellent food for energy! Casting the Spell!

  • Sit down and Relax. Do the Hatha Yoga Relaxing technique . Clear your Mind for few minutes.
  • Take a clean pen and soak it in the Fresh Rose Water using it as you would use a regular ink!

    “Write” clearly on the paper your wish, making it clear and using Present Tense. For example: “I am Sexy!” or maybe… “I am Rich!” Rose Water is not exactly an ink so don’t expect to clearly read what you’ve just wrote! But that shouldn’t bother you at all! The only think that you have to know is that you should focus on your desire when your write what you wish!

Now that you’ve written it take the piece of paper and soak it in the Glass of the fresh tap water. Let the Rose Water be diffused in the tap water. Now is the time to add 1-2 drops of May Dew Elixir if available.

Meditate on your wish and then drink the water! The Spell is done! Your wish is now one with you and your world! (a similar Wish spell is the Apple Wish Spell! Try it too!) Tip! This Spell utilizes the Element of Water! It’s basically an Elemental Spell of Water! Do this spell on Waxing Moon and preferably on Friday and if possible during the Planetary hour of Venus!