Simple Spiritual & Smart Ways for Magical Protection

Magical Protection is essential for both physical and spiritual plane. Here we are going to see simple yet smart and effective spiritual ways for Magical Protection. 1. Cleansing of the Aura Repeated cleansing of the aura is a very good method to empower your self-defending powers. There are many ways to do that and here there is a simple one. Simple Cleansing of the Aura Procedure

  • Sit down comfortably (I bet not in the way the picture suggests but suit yourself ), if you can in the lotus position.
  • Close your eyes and take some deep breathes relaxing your body and your mind.
  • Then concentrate on the area of the Heart Chakra (this is in between the nipples in the centre of the chest, in a hollow area of the bone).
  • Using your mental sight, see a small (about 2.5 cm or 1 inch diameter) Sun like sphere there, knowing that it is a fiery sphere of divine love. Feel this Sun like sphere purifying the energies of the area it includes.
  • As it completes this purification, the sphere gets a little bigger to every direction and then starts purifying the new area it includes and so on until the sphere covers all the area that your spiritual eye can see to every direction.
  • When you have succeeded this keep breathing deeply and slowly feeling the sense of divine love and security you are in. Then slowly, knowing that this sphere is always there to protect you, let your consciousness to come back to the surrounding environment and open your eyes.

If you do this every day once early in the morning and once before going to sleep your self-defending ability will get stronger within a month. Do it for six months and you will surely have great results. 2. Magical Protection in Sleep Now, the most vulnerable time of the day is the time you are sleeping.

Therefore is good to take some extra protections for our bedroom, or at least our bed.

  • Stand up and put your stronger hand stretched in front of you, with your palm erected.
  • Visualise and feel from the centre of your palm a ray of bright golden light coming out and going to the wall of your room in front of you.
  • Circle the room sending this ray of light all around the walls, doors and windows of the room. Repeat the same procedure two times.
  • Once having your palm on the level of your eyes and once having your palm on the level of your heart.
  • This Magical protection will last until the Sun sets if you do it during day time, or until the Sun rises if you do it during night time. But if you do it once early in the morning and once early in the night everyday soon its protective powers will stand for more time, even become permanent if you do it for long enough.

3. Magical Sealing of Doors and Windows In addition empower the ritual by sealing all doors and windows from inside and outside with a sacred symbol like the Pentagram. Just draw the symbol using blessed water with your index finger.

If these are done properly the magical protection that they produce is very powerful. I have even seen living people under extreme influence of negative magic to refuse to enter rooms that they were accustomed to be in after those rooms were sealed. But even if you don’t succeed to “lock” the humans out, the negative energies and spirits will be unable to enter the room. 4. Prayers and Divine Assistance Prayers that glorify the Gods are very good to empower your ability of self defense.

The Gayatri mantra , the Agni , Surya and Ravi mantras that have been already posted in this site are excellent for these purposes. For the Christians and Jews the 150th Psalm of David can be of great help. Glorifications of the Archangel Michael will help greatly those that would prefer to address their prayers to Angels rather than Gods. What I would suggest is that. Using frankincense and myrrh gum, every night repeat the prayer of your choice in front of a lighted candle. Repeat the prayer for at three, seven or nine times, or the mantras for 108 times.

Let the candle burn out by itself (so use small candles, burning for about an hour). In the following posts I will give you a way to magically prepare a protective oil to use on yourself and your premises, and a simple way to energize a talisman with protective powers. Now, if you encounter a problem that these ways fail to help you, then you most probably you (or your premises) are already under a negative magical or demonic influence and you need to exorcise these influences and then start building the protections.

If that is the case, some simple ways to deal with the situation are coming and some there are already in the site ( the Jinx Removing Ritual) . Be always happy and always blessed.