Attraction Spell: Make yourself A Giant Charming Star

It’s Saturday night, you are tired from an exhausting week at work and the only thing you want to do is go out, get a few drinks and have some fun. Wait you want one more thing, to charm a Man/Woman and feel once again that special emotion. You want to feel that you are charming, that people notice you, people want to talk to you and have a fun small talk! But you dont have the time, or maybe the money, to find all these nice ingredients to make a love potion, or a beauty potion, or perform a demanding spell for this. You want a smart, effective and costless technique for that.

And you don”t want to carry any “suspicious” items or artifacts. Important Note Try this! Extend your arms and your legs like this in the Vitruvian man. Smile a little bit and close your eyes. Stay there for a couple of seconds taking deep and slow breaths. Imagine becoming a five-pointed star, a pentagram! Visualise yourself as a bright shining charming star. Repeat a few times “I”m a charming star. I attract whatever I desire”.Keep visualising yourself as a star. You can even “see” yourself in a bar, shining with the power of attraction, with charming abilities. Spell is done. Do that daily, for few days and you”ll soon notice the charming effects of yourself!

This is a general attracion spell. It will help you be more noticable and allure things to you. This spell will also grant you more attraction powers. It”s a great way to start a spell, it will make your magic more powerful, and strengthen your aura. You can utilize this technique in any attraction spell you desire! The more you practice this basic attraction technique the more you will feel its tremendous power! By making yourself a magical charm you will feel more and more the power of your magical self growing more and more. This is a basic attraction spell yet it”s so powerful that your will be amazed!