Product Review: “Jinx Removing” oil by “Indio Products”

Is it the splendid smell? Could be! This special fragrant, the sense of the recently rained earth is so relaxing and clean which makes you think that you’ve just been washed by an autumnal brainstorm. This oil is something I really like for both of its smell and its attributes. If you feel that someone has jinxed you, if you notice that things are not going that well lately, that you are always in the middle of a fight or that an evil eye is “fixed” upon your every move, then I believe that this oil is something you will find much much helpful.

Even if you are bound with black spells or feel under demonic influence the use of this recipe can be really helpful (of course if you belong to the last category this oil won”t be enough to break it, though it can be a useful add-on). Use it daily. It”s only for external use. Rub your temples with this oil, daily, for at least a week. Add this oil to Jinx Removing, Banishing and Uncrossing Rituals. Discover, Play, Love! Join our Magical Community in Facebook and Connect with us!