Magical Recipe: Sex Euphoria oil

Now that Spring invades the cold soil and nature awakens, so do our sexual appetite. Moving with these tides of nature will help you to achieve your goals more easily. So this is the time to produce your charm aroma, a blend so simple yet so powerful that can boost your love life and happiness in your bedroom. You don”t need many special ingredients and complicated rituals to make this one. But you have to follow those steps carefully and focusing all your energy to this procedure. This oil is suitable for those who feel something is missing from their love lives and need a fresh, optimistic kick-start. 1.

You will need equal amount of Cinnamon and Orange Blossom oil and a base oil like Almond oil. 9 Drops of Cinnamon oil and 9 drops of Orange Blossom in 100ml of Almond oil will do the trick. 2. Find a special fancy bottle that reflects your passion for life. A red one could be very appropriate but feel free to use an Orange, a Yellow one and generally whatever makes you feel hungry for life when you see it. 3. Clean the bottle and let it dry by the sunlight. (Sunlight is maybe the most cleansing force of nature. But this is something we will talk about in another post). This will cleanse the bottle from any negativity might possess. 4.

Start on Friday or on Tuesday during waxing Moon and preferably around the 1st quarter. Put on the Base oil. 5. Grab the essential oil of Orange Blossom and visualize a Blossomed forest. Focus on this picture. See the birds in the forest, feel the life of the forest, the animals, the trees. When you feel ready, say “I call upon the Life-bringing force of Nature. Mother Earth bless this oil and make it Pure” and when you are done add the 9 drops of the essential oil. 6. Now grab the essential oil of Cinnamon. Visualize the same forest and now look up with your imagination and see the Glowing Sun (Only visualize the Sun, never look directly on him).

Feel the energy of the sun, the heat, the creative power, the absolute power of the Sun. When you are ready say “I call upon the Creative force of the Sun. Father Sun bless this oil and help me have lots of Fun!” and then add 9 drops of the essential oil of Cinnamon. 7. Now close the bottle and shake it a bit. Hold it and visualize yourself in the same life blooming shiny forest. You are happy, and there is a very handsome man there (if you like men) or a very beautiful lady (if you like women) and you are together feeling perfectly happy. 8.

After that leave your bottle and for 3 (or 7) days just hold the bottle and visualize yourself with your special someone, living happy in the same forest. 9. When these days are over, put some of this oil on your skin after your bath and go out and have fun. You will feel happy and ready for love. This is the secret to attract a partner and anything good in your life. Important Note *For external use only. Never try the essential oil of Cinnamon directly on your skin.