A Wishing Spell with Apple

Wishing spell with Apple? Apple is considered since the Ancient ages a very significant fruit for many cultures and religions. Apple tree is the one whose fruits grants the power of knowlegde over Good and Evil in Paradise. This is just an example; there are many in Greek and Celtic religion and in much more cultures. But this is something we will examine soon in depth. A Wishing Spell with Apple The purpose of this Article is to point that the fruit itself got much power. Take an apple and cut it through it”s equator, you”ll be surprised because you”ll find a PENTAGRAM hidden in the flesh of the fruit.

This is why ancient Greeks associated the Fruit with Venus, the Goddess and the Planet. The orbit of Venus over five successive inferior conjunctions follows a complete pentagram pattern. And this is why Jews associated the Apple tree with the fruits of knowlegde over Good and Evil, Top pointing pentragram – Good, bottom pointing pentagram – Evil. This is why Apple fruit is so widely utilized in Magic. It holds the power of wisdom in itself. Try This! So, a very easy and yet effective spell, is to take an Apple, a beautiful Apple, and then carve a symbol of what you wish on it.

This may be a Heart, if you desire Romance, or you can even write the actual word “LOVE” on it. If you are talented enough you may even write a sentence like “I WANT 1000 $” or maybe “I AM HANDSOME” , “I AM HAPPY”, or even maybe “I AM A WIZARD”! Anything you want to be manifested in your life, could be writen on a beautiful Apple. When you are done writing what you wish, take the apple, and start eating it CLOCKWISE. With every bite you take, you get what you desire. Now that you”ve eaten the Apple your wish has already become reality in you.

When you have consumed the apple, you can burry the seeds or you can just throw it (preferably not in garbage, but in soil).Now that the rest of the apple is burried or lies in the soil, it will call upon the nature”s force to manifest your desire. Take few minutes to visualise what you have wished for. Please always remember that when you are visualising, you should see yourself ALREADY having what you want. Visualize youself happy in a Marriage, or Rich spending you money on what you desire etc. This spell is very powerful. Join our Magical Community in Facebook and Connect with us!